Accepting your way to success

Accepting your way to success
Photo by Mael BALLAND / Unsplash

We begin our lives in a place we didn't even know existed, in a place we didn't choose to parents we didn't know. In fact we knew nothing at all, we were none existent. We were indistinguishable from the void. We were, in fact, part of what constitutes the void. And yet, here we are living and breathing.

We tacitly accepted these things, at least most of us did from a very young age. It was our reality and in a normal setting we tried, as children, to survive and thrive in our imposed environment. We found ways to have fun, ways to be creative, ways to learn, and most importantly, ways to grow. We may argue from where our personalities stem, but those few years were lived without any fuss (if you were lucky enough to have stable parents). We had no responsibilities, we were we. And that made all the difference in our tiny little worlds.

There is no denying that we mimicked or at the very least observed our parents, kids we played with, people we came across. We were very observant and directed our attention to the outside rather than the inside. One day however, everything changed. That day is when you knew you "grew" up. That day you knew that you are responsible for you. And that's when you really feel the real meaning of failure.

Failure is real, and people try to hide it. They camouflage their lives by faking the absolute opposite; success. Social media poisoned us and not only that, it made us feel watched in whatever action we take. I am not advocating against social media, but it was clearly designed to make us addicted to it.

On the metro in Fukuoka, Japan
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When you accept failure, you have already started your journey towards success. Accepting failure is accepting you are human, and that's enough to make your life simpler and easier. Don't get me wrong. I'm not asking you to accept mediocrity, rather I'm asking you to aspire to excellence. I'm asking you to accept that you can never be perfect. No one is and no one will. And yes, excellence is not perfection.

You will lose some battles. You will most certainly win some. Savour your wins, learn from your losses. Just don't shy away from a proper battle.



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