Liberating the oppressed

What's life but a struggle. What's life but a tale of an oppressed and a tyrant? The oppressed can become the tyrant if the circumstances arise, it's just the nature of our being.

Are we enough?

I don't have a concrete example or a certain source for my thoughts, as my contemplation began belatedly. Before I aspired to accomplish something, before even considering giving up, I never contemplated building

Technological advancement and intelligence

Common sense would suggest that our generation should be more enlightened than the previous ones. We have an abundance of knowledge at the tip of our fingers. [...] But there is something very wrong with us still.

The shackles you have to break

Regardless of how smart or correct you believe yourself to be, you will have to reconsider many things you conjectured. At least then you would have chosen your camp by absolute conviction rather than being led and played with by your masters.